Spotify for OBS

Spotify for OBS

Discover the Spotify for OBS - an essential tool for enhancing your live streams. Our Spotify widgets integrate seamlessly with OBS and Streamlabs, providing real-time audio info straight from your Spotify to your audience. Unveil track name, artist, and song duration, while controlling your Spotify playlists directly from your streaming software. Create a unique and engaging streaming environment with our comprehensive selection of widgets, overlays, graphics, alerts and so much more. Easy setup, complete personalization. Elevate your streaming with StreamDPS — a platform offering streaming technology at its finest. Stream better, stream brighter, with StreamDPS.

Welcome to the StreamDPS Spotify for OBS! Enhance your live streams with the power of music, creating an engaging, dynamic, and personalized experience for your audience.

With our Spotify widgets, your streaming platform becomes interactive and music-centric, offering real-time audio information directly on your stream. Our tools work seamlessly with OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and Streamlabs, offering unique, real-time integration with your Spotify account.

  1. Real-Time Music Information: Show your audience what's playing on your Spotify in real time. Track name, artist, album information, and song duration are all conveniently displayed, giving your viewers more insight into your unique taste in music.
  2. Complete OBS & Streamlabs Integration: Our widgets are designed for easy embedding into your OBS and Streamlabs setups. Just copy, paste, and you're all set!
  3. Personalize Your Stream: By showcasing your favorite tracks, you're creating a personalized experience that makes you relatable and authentic to your audience, increasing viewer engagement.
  4. User-friendly Setup: It's easy to set up our Spotify widget on your platform. The process is quick, effortless, and allows you to get back to what you do best - streaming!
  5. Music Control: Seamlessly control your Spotify playlists, giving you the power to play, pause, skip, or rewind music right from your streaming platform.

StreamDPS is your go-to hub for everything related to enhancing your streaming experience. Our comprehensive selection of widgets, overlays, graphics, alerts, and more, paired with a user-friendly interface, allows both beginner and veteran streamers to easily transform their platform into a vibrant, dynamic environment.

Our Spotify widget is just one part of our vast selection of tools. We also offer widgets for stream goals, top chat users, interactive games, and much more, providing you with the tools you need to interact with your audience in exciting, innovative ways.

Our mission is, and always will be, utilizing the power of streaming technology to bring your content to life, offering viewer engagement on a whole new level. At StreamDPS, we believe in the power of personalization and strive to help streamers create unique, compelling content that makes them stand out from the crowd.

So why wait? Elevate your streams with the StreamDPS Spotify widget. Let the power of music resonate with your audience, creating unforgettable streaming experiences. As we say here at StreamDPS, let's put the fun in the functionality, one stream at a time.

Remember, at StreamDPS, we are more than just a platform - We are a community. Join us today and take your streaming to new heights with our variety of widgets, overlays, and much more.