Stream Widgets for Twitch, YouTube, Trovo & co.

Stream Widgets for Twitch, YouTube, Trovo & co.

Elevate your streaming experience with Streamdps widgets designed for Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, and more platforms. Engage your viewers with interactive Counters for real-time stats, customizable Prize Wheels and Chests for exciting giveaways, and seamless Spotify Integration for a musical touch. Enhance viewer interaction with animated Alerts and personalized Donation Alert Animations. Explore additional tools like Streamsquad, Streamlobby, and Goals Tracking to optimize your streams. Power up your content and boost engagement with Streamdps widgets today!

Power up your stream with our widgets for Twitch and YouTube

Get the most out of your stream with Streamdps widgets! The most popular add-ons include counters for likes and followers, prize wheels, chests and special donation alerts. You can choose between platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, TikTok and a wide range of multi-platform widgets. By the way, all content works with broadcasting software like OBS and Streamlabs. An integration is very simple and is explained in numerous tutorials.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? The offer is constantly expanding and the already existing widgets get cool updates. To use all widgets unlimited you need a premium subscription. Available for 1 month or 1 year and can be cancelled at any time!

Lots of stuff to interact with your viewers

There are many types of stream widgets on We'll show you the most popular ones that you can add directly to OBS. You can connect to your Twitch account or YouTube channel directly from the dashboard in your profile.

Very popular: Counter for likes, followers & subs

Want to see up-to-date stats on likes, followers, and subs during the live broadcast? You can do that with our counters. They show the current numbers directly in your stream and have charming animations that you can change in design according to your taste.

Prize wheels and chests for Twitch

Launch giveaways right during your stream with these fully customizable interactive tools. Make giveaways for reaching certain numbers of followers or viewers during a stream. The prize wheels and chests are important tools for monetization. They help expand your reach and get more followers. Your viewers will love it too!

Connect Spotify to Twitch or YouTube and more!

Show the current track during your live broadcast with our widget for Spotify. It only takes a few clicks to connect to OBS. Your viewers will love it! Spotify for Twitch and other useful widgets are available here at Get these useful tools and make your stream unique - all you need is an account with active premium subscription.

Even more widgets and tools for your stream

There are many plugins that didn't even make it into this catalog. These include, for example, the "Donation alert animations", "Streamsquad and Streamlobby" as well as goals and other useful tools.

Alerts and custom Twitch drops

Use our fully customizable animated stickers for donates, subs, new followers, cheers, hosts and raids. The animated stickers with Twitch alerts appear every time an interaction takes place. For example, when a donation is made during the stream or a new follower is added. You also have a choice of stream overlays with built-in alerts.

The Twitch drops for chat widget picks a winner from chat. Users must write something in chat to have a chance to be picked. The winner is being picked every time the page updates. A useful tool to interact with your viewers and gain new followers.

Donation alert animations for Streamlabs

Create your own custom donation alerts for Twitch bits and use them with Streamlabs. The donation alert animations are an additional decoration for your donations. Every time a donation comes, a full-screen animation with the effects of your choice will appear. No names, amount or similar are shown.

Streamsquad, lobby, goals and other tools

The Streamdps team is constantly working on new valuable widgets to optimize your stream and help you grow. For example the Streamsquad tool, which allows you to display your audience as 3-4 animated characters. Not only does this widget look cool, it gets the most out of your livestream! Stream lobby is a similar mini-game that you can show directly as an overlay. You can find even more useful stuff for Twitch, Youtube, Mixer and other platforms in our stream goals section.