Twitch drops for chat

Twitch drops for chat

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Our Custom Twitch Drops plugin allows you to perform giveaways on your stream for active audience. They are like an official Twitch drops, but here you decide what to give away and have control on everything.

The whole system if simple: you create prizes and put a widget in OBS. While streaming, it will pop up by timeout (you choose the period), and pick random viewer. Then writes it`s name and the prize to log file. There are special pages where viewers can see all your prizes and winners.

Each drop has it`s own drop probability: a number from 0.1 to 1000+. Bigger number means better chance to drop. You can play with even offline, in order to test all that shit.

There is also a coloring option, like in games. Colors show rarity:

Steps to make viewers happy:

  • Go to the dashboard and add prizes
    • Add the Title, the picture (better transparent .png file)
    • Set the drop probability (it will be calculated again when all prizes are added).
    • Set the color (only for decoration purposes)
    • Do not delete the prize if it was already dropped. To hide it set it`s drop probability to 0.1.
  • Then go to the widget, adjust it for your needs. Twitch channel must be added before.
    • There are some features like sounds, tags and styling we will talk about later.
  • Press "Apply" button and see what will happen.

If everything is OK, you will see the first winner:

On that page no logs are written when widget is running. Logs are crated only when you put the widget in OBS or in a browser. If you see a "No signal" message, that means you have no viewers on your stream. There must be at least 2 people.

You can activate the widget by timer, or manually - just toggle it in OBS layers.

Your viewers can see all prizes and logs. You will get links like this (example):

This how logs look like:

  This is it. Play with it, find the best settings and start to entertain the audience.