Animated Twitch Alerts

Animated Twitch Alerts

Elevate your Twitch streams with StreamDPS animated Twitch alerts, designed to captivate your audience and enhance your streaming experience. Offering a wide array of fully customizable alerts, StreamDPS ensures your stream stands out. Whether celebrating new followers, subs, or donations, our alerts are crafted for every Twitch event. From spooky Halloween themes to festive Christmas animations and sleek neon effects, there's a style to match every personality and stream aesthetic. Integration is seamless across major platforms like OBS and Streamlabs, making setup a breeze. Dive into a world where quality animations and unique visual effects keep your audience engaged and show appreciation in real-time. Strengthen your stream's branding and increase viewer interaction effortlessly with StreamDPS professional, customizable Twitch alerts. Ready to make your Twitch channel unforgettable? Explore StreamDPS today and revolutionize your streaming experience. Your journey to standout streaming starts here.

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About the Twitch alerts for Streamlabs

Get everything out of your stream with Twitch alerts for Streamlabs! Use our unique stickers with animations that react to your alerts in Twitch and Streamlabs. Create a Streamdps account with premium subscription activated and connect your Streamlabs account in the dashboard. Now you can choose one of the stickers of your choice and customize it as you like. You can choose from different skins, animations, sounds and effects that will react and appear in your stream depending on the preset alerts (for example: donations, Twitch subs, followers, cheers, hosts and raids).

How to work with animated stickers with built-in stream alerts

Here you can find a step-by-step guide to setting up Stream Alerts. You can also watch our video tutorial about custom Twitch alerts for more information.

To unlock all the features of Twitch alerts, you need a premium subscription. You can subscribe directly during the registration process and you will automatically get access to all premium areas (overlays, widgets, templates and more) on

1. Authorize your Streamlabs account

After you have created an account with an active Premium subscription, you can now get started with the setup of Twitch alerts. Click on the "Connect Streamlabs" button in your dashboard and follow the instructions to connect your Streamlabs account.

Please don't forget to authorize yourself with your Twitch channel in your Streamlabs account first. This is easily done in your Streamlabs profile by clicking “connect to Twitch”. You will find this option after logging in to your account at

2. Choose your Twitch alerts template

Go to the “Twitch alerts” section here at and click on any template from the catalog. You will find all settings here. First click the green “Apply all settings” button at the bottom, to use it with default settings. Copy the code in the gray box to use it with OBS (in the next step).

Make sure your Streamlabs account is connected. You can see this by the green message “Streamlabs connected” next to the “Apply all settings” button.

3. Connect with OBS or other broadcasting software

Open OBS or another broadcasting program and navigate to the “Sources” area. If this area is not displayed, enable it in the settings. Click on “Add new layer” > “Browser source” and paste the copied code from the second step inside of the URL field. The standard size of Twitch alerts is 1000 x 1000 px, if not otherwise specified. Click on “OK” and you are ready for the next step.

You can test the functionality of the alerts by pressing the test buttons in your Streamlabs account. Go to the “Alert box” section in the settings and start the sample alerts by clicking the test buttons “Test Follow”, “Test Donation”, “Test Bits” and others.

4. Final set-up of the stream widgets with built-in alerts

Switch back to your browser with your Twitch alerts template on Here you can now make settings to your alerts widget. For example, the skin, which is the animated sticker that is triggered during an event like donate, new follower, sub etc. Don't forget to press the “Apply all settings” button after each change so that the settings are applied to OBS. More info about the settings can be found below.

To prevent duplicate sound, close your browser window with alert widgets. Otherwise they will be activated at the same time when an event is played through in OBS. We also recommend testing the sounds directly in OBS, as playback may be blocked depending on your browser.

You can also use panel alerts with your template by using their ID. List of panels with alerts. More info about setting up the VFX skins you will find in the section “More info about the Twitch alerts widget settings” below.

More info about the Twitch alerts widget settings

With you have the possibility to completely change the appearance of your alerts widgets. Choose between different designs, animations and sounds. You can use these settings per event, depending on the type of alert.

Option Description
Set up the font style In the upper area you have the possibility to choose the size and color of the font as well as the font type. It is the font for the text that appears under the alert sticker.
Main settings of the widget Next you will find the main settings of the widget. For example, the duration and type of animation, as well as the volume of the alert sounds. These settings are important to keep your viewers entertained and not disturb them by loud noises or disruptive animations.
Change the skin Click on the icon in the list to select a skin for your event. Depending on the template, there are different designs you can choose from depending on the alert type. Next to the icon there is a gray field that shows the ID of the skin. If the gray field is empty, a skin is randomly selected from the list. You can also paste the skin ID manually. The full list of all skins is below all settings.
Set up the VFX skins You will also have the VFX skins in this list which you can apply to your template. The VFX skins are animations that are shown with every event. Instead of the preset animations you can also use the alerts from overlays with stunning video effects. Copy the ID of the VFK animation or overlays and paste it in the VFX skins gray field of your template. You can also choose if the animation will be shown on top or bottom of the layer.
Set event text You can show your own text depending on the event that is happening. For example, by every donation you can replace the “New donate!” text with the text you like. What’s about a “Hasta la vista, baby!” by every donation? Of course you can replace any text you like for every kind of event of your Twitch alerts. Just edit the content in the green field of your template.
Set alert sound Depending on the event, you can play different sounds. For example, by every new follower, you can have your special sound. If you don't change these settings, our preset sounds will play. All soundtracks you will find in the Sounds catalog. Copy the ID of the sound and place it in the blue field of your Stream alerts template.