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Tiktok Giveaway picker (last 50 comments)

Tiktok Giveaway picker (last 50 comments)



This sassy widget will pick one random user from comments from any video on TikTok. Usually it is used to perform giveaways and challenges. Remember, TikTok has its own view on how to make shit like this so be careful, do not force your users to write comments.

In order to use the widget, you have to be a premium user on our website. Then authorize your TT in the dashboard. After that go to the widget and apply all settings.

How it works: you have to paste a video ID in a special field and press "apply" button. You will see a slider with names and avatars of users who left comments on that video.

The widget picks last 50 comments. It has a timeout of 30 seconds to the next start. There is a special link with isolated widget, use it to show on video. When you start isolated widget, the winner will be saved in your logs. Logs will not be saved when you start the widget on the settings page.

Where to get the video ID. Open the video in a browser and look at the url:

ID is these numbers: 7039035322612583682
Copy and paste them in the special field. 

The widget is new and can have bugs, please report them on our Facebook or by email [email protected]