TikTok widgets and stream games

TikTok widgets and stream games

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A selection of TikTok live widgets and games

TikTok widgets and stream games are features offered by Streamdps, a website that provides tools and widgets for content creators to enhance their live streams. The TikTok widgets provided by Streamdps allow users to embed TikTok videos or profiles directly into their live stream, making it easy for viewers to access the content. This can be a useful tool for content creators looking to cross-promote their TikTok content on their other platforms.

In addition, Streamdps also offers a variety of stream games that content creators can integrate into their live streams. These games are designed to engage viewers and encourage interaction during the stream, which can help build a stronger community and keep viewers engaged. Examples of stream games include trivia games, bingo, and raffles.

Overall, the combination of TikTok widgets and stream games offered by Streamdps can help content creators make their live streams more engaging and interactive, ultimately leading to a better viewer experience.

TikTok live interactive games

Chests for your stream

Streamdps provides a variety of interactive games to enhance your TikTok live streams and increase viewer engagement. Get Premium, connect your live account and use all this interactive games to expand your target group. Our most popular app is the Race game in different versions. You also can choose from a couple of stuff.

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Stream boss for TikTok

Chests for your stream

Stream boss is a tool on Streamdps that lets TikTok streamers track and reward their top supporters. Get Premium, connect your live account and use our Stream Boss widget to interact with your audience. You can fully customize this widget to make your stream look fancy.

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More overlays, designs and tools for TikTok

There is more to discover! Animated overlays for your stream or fascinating video backgrounds take everything out of your TikTok broadcast! You can find these and more widgets and tools here on Streamdps.com. Use them with your Premium subscription now: