StreamSquad: Your Animated Viewer Showcase

StreamSquad: Your Animated Viewer Showcase

StreamSquad is a widget that shows 3-4 animated characters representing your last donators or random viewers. There are many types of characters to choose from. Customize them as you want with Streamdps Premium. Works with Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube and Trovo. Read more

Use this widget with Premium FAQ and Guide

Introducing StreamSquad Widget: Bringing Your Stream to Life

Elevate your streaming experience with the dynamic StreamSquad widget - your personal viewer showcase that adds a touch of animation and fun to your live broadcasts. Whether you're on Twitch, YouTube, or Trovo, StreamSquad is here to transform your stream by highlighting your last donators or random viewers through charming animated characters.

Diverse Characters, Limitless Possibilities

Choose from an array of captivating characters to represent your viewers or donators. Unleash your creativity by selecting characters that resonate with your stream's theme. From brave soldiers to jolly Santas, spooky Halloween characters to adorable sheep and funny squirrels - StreamSquad offers an eclectic collection that lets you personalize your broadcast to the fullest.

Seamless Customization with Streamdps Premium

With Streamdps Premium, take customization to new heights. Tailor your animated characters to match your branding, vibe, or simply your personal preference. Amplify your stream's visual appeal by customizing characters' appearances, animations, and interactions, all while giving your viewers a delightful show.

Easy Integration, Maximum Convenience

Connecting StreamSquad to your streaming platforms has never been easier. In your streamlined dashboard, effortlessly link your Twitch, YouTube, Streamlabs, or Trovo accounts to unlock the full potential of StreamSquad's features.

Streamlabs Integration:

  • Display the last 3 donators
  • Showcase the top 3 donators of the day
  • Activate donation alerts complete with sound effects

Twitch Integration:

  • Highlight 3 random viewers from your chat
  • Feature the top bit donators of all time
  • Showcase your latest subscribers
  • Receive bit alerts to keep the excitement flowing

YouTube Integration:

  • Shine a spotlight on 3 random viewers from your chat
  • Recognize the 3 top chatters, fostering engagement
  • Enjoy seamless alerts for increased interaction

Trovo Integration:

  • Showcase your latest 3 subscribers in style

Guides and Tutorials for Your Convenience

Mastering StreamSquad is a breeze with our comprehensive resources. Dive into our tutorial video, providing you step-by-step guidance on how to set up and optimize your StreamSquad widget. Prefer reading? Our detailed guide and FAQ section ensure that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Ready to elevate your streaming journey? Embrace StreamSquad's animated characters and turn every broadcast into an engaging spectacle that leaves your viewers in awe. Personalize, connect, and entertain like never before!

Join the StreamSquad revolution today and make your stream come alive!