Stream Design Templates

Stream Design Templates

Discover unparalleled excellence in live stream design with StreamDPS, your ultimate hub for premium OBS stinger transitions, animated backgrounds, and engaging countdowns. Our user-friendly shop offers a wide selection of templates, from vibrant webcam frames to captivating overlays, designed to enhance your broadcast on platforms like Twitch, Tik-Tok and OBS. Each template is crafted for seamless integration, ensuring a professional look that captivates your audience. Elevate your streaming experience with StreamDPS high-definition, customizable designs, tailored to reflect your unique style. Whether you're a streaming veteran or new to the scene, our collection empowers you to create an immersive, memorable broadcast. Visit StreamDPS today to transform your live stream into an extraordinary viewing experience.

Premium Stream Design templates

Looking for stream design templates for your live broadcast? At Streamdps you will find a selection of OBS stinger transitions, backgrounds, countdowns and other renders. All designs are in .webm format to get the maximum quality with the smallest possible file size. This makes all animations, videos and other templates ready to work with OBS, Streamlabs, XSplit, Wirecast and other streaming software.

You get unlimited access to all files with a premium subscription here on We also have a great selection of overlays, widgets, goals and more for your stream - all with your premium account!

Stinger transitions, scene animations, countdowns, backgrounds and more!

Useful tools to interact with your viewers and make your stream look fancy. Are you looking for Stinger transitions and scene animations? We have a great selection of stingers in different designs.

OBS Stinger Transitions

Every time you perform a scene change, you can add animated transitions. They are short video animations that play automatically during the scene transitions. Use our Animated stinger transitions for OBS Studio and other broadcasting software of your choice. Thanks to the .webm format, the video files have a relatively small file size and still offer a unique quality. This is very important to keep the performance during the live stream.