Overlay Bars (Wide Twitch Panels)

Overlay Bars (Wide Twitch Panels)

Elevate your stream with wide Twitch panels and overlay bars from Streamdps! Explore our ultra-wide donation panels in a flat design that showcases top donators on your stream. Enhance your stream's visual presentation with wide flat style Twitch panels designed for OBS. Create a professional and engaging stream layout with our wide Twitch panels and overlay bars, ideal for showcasing key information and engaging with your audience. Discover the versatility and visual appeal of wide Twitch panels and overlay bars on Streamdps.

Wide Twitch Panels - Overlay Bars at Streamdps

Elevate your Twitch stream with Overlay Bars that display your latest donations, subscriptions, and followers in style. The Wide Twitch Panels offered by Streamdps are designed to work seamlessly with OBS and are fully customizable to suit your branding and aesthetic preferences. Choose from a variety of designs to enhance the visual appeal of your stream.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Wide Panels: Perfect for showcasing important stream information in a prominent manner.
  • Compatibility with OBS: Easily integrate the panels into your OBS setup for a seamless streaming experience.
  • Fully Customizable: Customize the panels to align with your branding and create a unique look for your stream.

Explore our Wide Twitch Panels Collection:

  1. X2 Set (Wide Twitch Panels): Dive into the X2 design set offering fully customizable stream panels for Streamlabs and OBS.
  2. Overlay Bar 2k Format: Discover the sleek and modern design of the Overlay Bar in 2k format.
  3. Pure S Overlay Bar Rounded: Add a touch of elegance to your stream with the rounded Pure S Overlay Bar.
  4. M3 Red & Blue Overlay Bar: Infuse your stream with vibrant colors using the M3 red & blue Overlay Bar.
  5. Overlay Bar X4 Columns Series: Explore various designs of the Overlay Bar X4 Columns series for a dynamic overlay setup.
  6. Zorka Overlay Bar: Unique and visually appealing, the Zorka Overlay Bar adds a creative flair to your stream layout.
Enhance Your Streaming Experience:

At Streamdps, we aim to provide streamers with the tools they need to create professional and engaging streams. Our Wide Twitch Panels are designed to help you showcase key information and engage with your audience effectively. With an array of design options to choose from, you can personalize your stream to stand out on Twitch and YouTube.

Unlock the Potential of Your Stream:

Transform your stream layout with Overlay Bars that not only inform but also captivate your viewers. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern design or a colorful and dynamic overlay, Streamdps has the perfect Wide Twitch Panel to suit your streaming style.


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