Stream Overlays Twitch & YouTube (animated) for Streamers

Stream Overlays Twitch & YouTube (animated) for Streamers

Unlock your streaming potential with our extensive collection of free and premium overlays, designs, and templates. Elevate your live streams with best captivating webcam frames, HUDs, and scene cards. Our powerful editor is hassle-free and compatible with OBS Studio. Engage a wider audience with expertly designed animated overlays and templates. Browse our exclusive selection of custom Twitch and YouTube overlays. Stand out as a streamer with custom features for OBS. Take your streaming to the next level! ➥ Read more

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Stream overlays for OBS and Streamlabs

Do you like to create unique content for your audience? Then we have the best creative solution for you! Streamdps is a service for customizable overlays and widgets for your streams.

There are over 1000 different stream overlays to choose from. These include webcam frames, stream designs, Twitch panels or our popular intermission screen overlays. All Twitch overlays can be customized with just a few clicks - from color selection and background to animation and sounds. Countless options help you create your personal stream overlay and integrate it into OBS and other programs just as easily - without tedious downloads and post-processing!

Create your overlays – completely without post-processing

There seem to be so many stream designs and twitch templates. And yet it is very rare to find something suitable and unique. After all, as a streamer, you want to stand out and create a recognition value. Before you hire a designer and order a suitable layout, you should take a look at our Streamdps template catalog. We have over 1000 different designs for your streams (with and without animations) and all of them are easy to edit. All you need is your browser and broadcasting software like OBS.

Please don't forget to buy a premium access first. You will unlock all functions and benefit from more choice of Twitch overlays. You also can buy a life-time access to any template.

1. Select your template

Choose a suitable template from our template catalog. You can choose between webcam frames, intermission screens, stream panels, backgrounds and many other templates.

2. Customize the layout

All stream overlays from the template catalog can be edited directly in the browser. The layout is divided into different layers to give you as many customization options as possible. You can set the color of the layer and choose from several backgrounds, animations and sounds. For text blocks you have different fonts and styles at your disposal.

Let your viewer never get bored! All overlays cab be can be changed later. If you want to start with a different background or want a different color, you can change the template afterwards. See next step for details.

3. Integrate with OBS or Streamlabs

After you have finished your layout, click on the big green button "Apply all settings". Copy the generated link in the grey field and go to OBS or Streamlabs program. Add a new content layer and choose "Browser source" option. Paste the generated link into the URL field and set the size of the element. You will see the sizes on the page of the overlay you want to use. Apply the changes and continue.

You can edit your layout at any time. To do this, copy the generated link and remove the line &frame=1 at the end. Paste the URL in your browser, edit your overlay template and add it again in OBS or Streamlabs like in step 3.

You can also use multiple overlays in your stream. To do this, use different layers as "browser source" or a downloaded file. Generally speaking, "browser source" layers are more efficient than downloaded files and consume less CPU and graphics card resources.

What are stream overlays and what are they for?

Twitch or Stream overlays are interactive graphics, animations, or widgets that are displayed in a stream during the live broadcast. There are several types of overlays, such as webcam frames, logos or content box frames that serve as brand identity. Other overlays like panels, buttons, or donate panels display interactive content like Twitch top donators, YouTube likes, or new subs and followers. Overlays add important functionality to streams to entertain viewers and attract new followers. That's why Twitch overlays are so popular for so many streamers and other content creators.

How do Twitch overlays work?

Overlays are part of the live broadcast and embedded directly into the stream. They are images, videos or widgets that are placed as a mask over the live video. They can be images, videos or widgets that are placed as a mask over the live video. Sometimes they can be displayed as transitions under certain conditions. These are interactive overlays like Twitch alerts animations.

All stream content works with appropriate streaming software such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Streamlabs or XSplit. This software can record multiple video sources simultaneously and play them back in one broadcast. For you, it means that you can record the screen content and a webcam video at the same time and broadcast them live.

Difference between static and dynamic templates

Image overlays are static and without animation. Common formats are e.g. .PNG, .JPG. These are usually included as an "image source" in the streaming software. Such static images you can generate with Streamdps for free. They can also be created by software like Adobe Photoshop or Affinity designer.

However, dynamic overlays that are included as video files (.WEBM) are much more popular. Video files have stunning special effects and animations, and can display dynamic content like likes, followers, or game stats. This is a great advantage and opens thousands of possibilities to interact with viewers on Twitch, Youtube or Facebook.

Almost content on Streamdps is dynamic and has countless animations and backgrounds to choose from. All you need is a premium account or a life-time access to the template of your choice.