Royal chat

Royal chat


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Overlay must be used as a browser source in OBS and other streaming software

Size: 950 х 1080 Source: Browser

Press apply button and use this link as a source in OBS or Streamlabs.

If you want to slightly edit your template (without building from scratch), just remove the &frame=1 at the end of the code and open it in a browser.

This template has a Twitch alerts support. If you connect your Streamlabs, all events like donations, Twitch subs, bits, raids and others will trigger an animated effect (Layer 5).Test it in the SLABS dashboard. You can adjust only one effect to all types of events. If you want to use separate animations to all events, use Twitch-alerts

You can use any overlay in OBS with premium subscription. Or you can buy a single access to this overlay and use it as a browser source forever without premium subscription. All features like skins, text editor and color options are included. Sign in to make a purchase. They are not for downloading, but for using in OBS or other streaming software as a browser source only.

You can buy this overlay once for €20,00 with a life-time access to it.

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