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Overlay must be used as a browser source in OBS and other streaming software

Size: 600 х 500 Source: Browser

Press apply button and use this link as a source in OBS or Streamlabs.

If you want to slightly edit your template (without building from scratch), just remove the &frame=1 at the end of the code and open it in a browser.

You can use any overlay in OBS with premium subscription. Or you can buy a single access to this overlay and use it as a browser source forever without premium subscription. All features like skins, text editor and color options are included. Sign in to make a purchase. They are not for downloading, but for using in OBS or other streaming software as a browser source only.

You can buy this overlay once for €20,00 with a life-time access to it.

Buy a life-time access to this overlay

You can use it together with other panels. Leave no text and place in OBS the icon only.