Stickers 16:9 overlay pack - Stream overlay for Twitch and YouTube

Stickers 16:9 overlay pack - Stream overlay for Twitch and YouTube


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Press apply button and use this link as a source in OBS or Streamlabs.
Size: 950 х 800

If you want to slightly edit your template (without building from scratch), just remove the &frame=1 at the end of the code and open it in a browser.

This template has a Twitch alerts support. If you connect your Streamlabs, all events like donations, Twitch subs, bits, raids and others will trigger an animated effect (Layer 5).Test it in the SLABS dashboard. You can adjust only one effect to all types of events. If you want to use separate animations to all events, use Twitch-alerts

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How can I use this template/overlay?

Step 1: Create your overlay using the visual editor above. Save your design by clicking on the green "Apply all settings" button.

Step 2: Copy the generated code in the gray field (left). Don't forget to adopt the right size.

Step 3: Paste the code into OBS or Streamlabs as a "browser source".

Overlay must be used as a browser source in OBS and other streaming software