Custom Twitch drops - prize list

Custom Twitch drops - prize list

With our drops you can make cool shit like custom giveaways for viewers on Twitch. Script will combine vips, moderators, common viewers and pick one person each time to give away a present. All steps are simple-dimple (even kids can use). Here on that page you create your prizes. It could be CSGO skins, your own chat currency, cash or whatever. Each item has it`s own drop probability (RATIO, the number from 0.1 to 1000). Play with it to get better results.

Color settings is just for decoration

After setting up the prizes, go to the widget and adjust it for your needs.

At the widget activation (when it is in OBS), it will save a result to a log list. Do not remove a prize that was already dropped - just set it`s Ration to 0.1.

There are also tags you can apply to all items, in order to filter prizes in the widget (leave empty for a quick start). If your widget use filtered prizes with a certain tag, the drop probability will be calculated inside these items with one tag.

Viewers can see the prize list by this link (spam it in a chat):

Results are stored in logs. A link for the chat:

White (Common)

Light blue (Uncommon)

Darker blue (Rare)

Purple (Mythical)

Pinkish purple (Legendary)

Red (Ancient)

Gold (Exceedingly Rare)