OBS Control - donators toggle cameras and more

OBS Control - donators toggle cameras and more

OBS Control widget allows your donators toggle hotkeys in your OBS. Bind them to any objects or some functions and watch. We use it to let viewers change cameras on the apartments stream 24/7.

The scheme is very simple: you decide a price for any object and bind it to a hotkey in OBS. When a donation comes with that price, a hotkey is being pressed. Widget has access to OBS hotkeys only.

Step by step guide:

  • Download and install this OBS plugin (here is a direct link). At the first start, set the port number (4444 by default) and the password. Screenshot:

  • Add layers to OBS (if none). In our case there are 3 web cameras.
  • Go to settings - hotkeys. Find your objects and set the HIDE hotkey by numpad asteriks: *. Set this key to all your objects. Our plugin hides all layers at first, then activates one particular.
  • Set separate SHOW hotkey to each layer. From F1 to F12.
  • Go to the dashboard and create objects. Add all your layers. Write the title, the hotkey and the price. See screenshots:

  • Go to the account settings account settings, press "edit". Find and fill these fields: OBS Control PORT (4444) and OBS Control PASSWORD. Write your data you have in OBS..
  • .
  • Connect your Streamlabs, in order to make all shit work

After all that complicated manipulations, restart your OBS, then press "Apply button on this page. You will see the code for OBS. Copy and paste it as a browaser source in OBS

Try to test it by sending a manual donation

This is a beta version and we will br glad if you will report any bugs and ideas.

A live wexample fro our streams, viewers keep changing webcams even when streamers are asleep: