Tiktok widget that triggers key in games

Tiktok widget that triggers key in games

Install these free programs:


A shortcut for the Git Bash program will appear on your desktop. Launch it (preferably as an administrator). You will see a command line interface. Execute the following command (you can copy and paste it into the window using the right mouse button):

git clone https://github.com/electron/electron-quick-start

This will create a folder named "electron-quick-start" in its directory. Navigate to that folder and rename it to a shorter name, such as "dps," for convenience.

Close Git Bash and relaunch it. Execute the following commands one after the other:

cd dps

Press Enter.

npm install

Press Enter.

npm install -save-dev node-key-sender

Press Enter.

Close the program. Download this archive: https://streamdps.com/upload/streamdps/tiktok/tt23.zip 
Extract it into the "dps" folder, replacing the existing files (index.html and main.js).

Configure the widget on the website https://streamdps.com/tiktok-widgets/trainer/ 
Open it and set up the commands. By default, numpad0 - numpad1 are assigned. You can find a list of all keys here: 


Copy the code for OBS and open your main.js file. Replace the placeholder "YOUR CODE." Save the file. Repeat this step whenever you make changes to the widget settings or commands.

Widget Launch

First, start the game. Then, start the stream. Next, go to the folder where the Git Bash program is located (which we launched from the desktop) and run it as an administrator.

In the console, type:

cd dps

Press Enter.


npm start

This should open the program window. You can perform a test gift and leave the cursor in a text editor; it should type the command.

If you add the following piece of code at the end of the script: &demo=1, the widget will execute the first command every 3 seconds without gifts (for testing purposes).

Expand the game window.