Streamlabs & Twitch bits plugin for Minecraft

Streamlabs & Twitch bits plugin for Minecraft

We are presenting you our Minecraft plugin to allow your viewers to spawn mobs and other commands in your Minecraft server. They can do it with Streamlabs donations or Twitch bits. The installation guide is very easy. Follow the steps and start earn soon.

The whole system works like this: you start a Minecraft server with this plugin. it will connect to your Streamlabs and will listen for donations and Bits. You decide which commands to trigger for a specific amount.

Step by step guide (PG 3+)

1. Download a Minecraft server based on Paper:
2. Check your Java version on Windows: press windows R and run CMD. Type java -version in CMD. What will it show? If Java is below 8 , install a new one:
List for different platforms:
Java for Windows by AWS:
Or from Microsoft Microsoft:

3. After downloading paper.jar, rename it to server.jar. Create a separate folder for it.
4. Download our archive with the plugin and other files here
There is a config folder, the plugin and server starting file start.bat. Move the plugin, start.bat and  StreamLabsIntegration folder in server`s directory. Run start.bat.
If your Java is ok, server will start without errors, then it will stop and wait till you agree to EULA shit. Close the console. Find eula.txt in the folder and open it. Find  eula=false, rename it to  eula=true and save the file.

5. Go to StreamLabsIntegration and open the config.yml with Notepad. You will see these lines:

user-id: -1
hash: ""
token: ""

You have to write Streamdps and socket data here. Go to and take your USERID and HASH. Copy paste them.
Token is available on your Streamlabs page: - find it in Socket API Token section.

After all these lines must look like this:
user-id: 11
hash: "sdfsdfsdfsdfsdf343434sdfsdfdfa$#$g$#gg34G3G3G"
token: "sdfsdfsdf44334"

6. Scroll down config.yml and find this section for donations:

    - "summon minecraft:sheep"
    - "fill ~-1 ~ ~-1 ~1 ~-2 ~1 minecraft:lava"

Change them as you need. Add more prices and commands.
Do same shit for bits:

    - "summon minecraft:zombie"
    - "fill ~-1 ~ ~-1 ~1 ~-2 ~1 minecraft:lava"

Save the file. Start the server. Join the server as a player. Promote your player to admin by typing this command: op username.

Test donation on that page just add a new donation manually with a specific amount. Bits can be tested on chat with real bits.

This is it. Now just play and entertain your viewers. Any questions send to [email protected] or Discord Streamdps#8983.