Trainer - activation keys in Windows and games by Tiktok gifts

Trainer - activation keys in Windows and games by Tiktok gifts

This sassy widget will press keys in any game you play on Windows. In this guide we cover the process for installing it on Minecraft. 

Part 1 - game preparation

Download it here and put in your  mods folder: Forge plugin is also required, read instructions on download page. You may use any macros plugin.

Launch the game and adjust macro commands. For example, let numpad0 spawn creeper - we create a new macro and make it type  /summon creepersave it with that combination (check video below). All Minecraft cheats check here: 
Then we must create a new world with cheats enabled. Join it and check your macros - will it spawn creeper by pressing numpad0?
You don`t need a macro when you want a gift press one key, for example Q (throw item).

Part 2 - setting up PC environment

Install all these programs with default settings:

Open a shortcut on your desktop - git bash. Type and run this command by pressing enter (or copy paste from here):

git clone

It will add a electron-quick-start folder in his directory. Open it and rename that folder to something short, like dps. Restart git bash. Run these commands one by one:

cd dps
Press enter
npm install
Press enter
npm install -save-dev node-key-sender
Press enter

Close the program. Download this archive and extract it to the dps folder:
There are 2 files:  index.html adn main.js.

Part 3 - adjusting the widget

Open the widget here:
Setup your keys. There are some keys already written by default.
Key list is located here:

Set up all your gifts and commands, then press apply button. You will see a download link. Download a file and replace your main.js file with it. Do this every time your settings has been changed.

Add this code to the end to toggle a testing mode: &demo=1 
Widget will trigger first command every 3 seconds without gifts.

Save and close main.js file.

Part 4 - running all shit together (do this every time when a new stream starts)

First start the game. Then your stream. Then open git bash main folder and run it as the administrator.

Type in console: cd dps
Press enter
Type npm start
Press enter

You will see a Streamdps logo window. Go to your game and see what will happen.

A short video guide: