When TikTok widgets do not work

When TikTok widgets do not work

So, if you have an active premium access and widgets do not react on gifts, let`s try these steps.

Did you choose a right channel?

Check this section when you are building a code. Channel in green box is yours?

Did you refresh widgets after stream started?

If you are running on a mobile, use this method to refresh widgets after each stream. Tap on a screen when refreshing in order to make a video play sound:

Also check Chrome or Opera for lite mode enabled - turn it off, like any power savers.

If you are using OBS, refreshing widgets is a simple task. First check these boxes in layer settings:

Then refresh widgets after stream has started by toggling an eye icon:

Still do not work? 

Let`s test it in your browser. Open the widget in any browsers you have - Chrome or Opera. Start the stream. Click right button on mouse and choose "Inspect element":

Devtools window will open. Choose "Console":

Refresh the widget. See what console says you. What is in there? Should be "connected". If it is - widgets is working fine, try to send a gift and see what will happen in browser. 

If there are some errors - create a ticket in our Discord server and copy the error message.