Common guide for Tiktok stream widgets

Common guide for Tiktok stream widgets

This is a common guide for all Tiktok widgets we have. Using widgets require a premium access.

If you want to slightly edit your template (without building from scratch), just remove the &frame=1 at the end of the code and open it in a browser..

We have a tool that generates Tiktok PC stream keys for any account starting 1k followers. 

We will explain all variants in details here in this guide. Check these photos to see how others do it:

The main process of starting widgets looks like this:

Setup the widget on our website - start the stream - open the widget in a browser or refresh it if you already opened it before the stream.

Some notes to know:

Widgets like Radio can be played on Iphone, but only when you are using .mp4 videos for memes. other widgets with animations will probably not run on IOS, beacuse it does not support webm video files used in widgets. Loola tv gives no viewers or FYP. Don`t use it.

Starting widgets on your PC browser and streaming them with your phone camera.

Here we have 3 methods:

  • Method 1: Opening widgets in the PC browser on a portrait oriented monitor

    When you are setting up the widget on Streamdps, it will give you a link, open it in a new window:

    Now turn your monitor in the portrait mode (better use 1920x1080 display) and you will see widget like this:

    Start the stream and refresh the widget. Then use Live Studio and screen capture. A video showing how to refresh them in the browser in case of the sound widget:

  • Method 2: Setting up widgets in OBS, showing them on a portrait oriented monitor

    Using widgets in OBS is very useful because you are able to decorate your stream with many cool stuff like animated frames from our panels catalog.

    First download and Install OBS and setup your widgets. There are many guides on Youtube how to use OBS. Here are some videos:

    Adding widgets in OBS:

    Refreshing widgets in OBS is easy and you don`t jave to click or tap on the page. Here is the guide:

  • Method 3: Using mobile gaming and mobile browser

    You are able to run widgets on mobile and stream it with the mobile gaming stream option, provided by Tiktok. Here how it looks in app:

    However, the mobile gaming option is not available for every one. And widgets might work slow on low devices. So better to test them first. For the mobile use you just open the widget in a mobile browser like Chrome or Firefox. There are some tricks to hide url bar. Check Google play store for app like Android status bar hider. There is one trick to make the browser go fullscreen. Remember, that you have to refresh widget on mobile after the stream has started.

    How t refresh widget on mobile: reload the page and tap on the screen in order to let Chrome know that you are a human:

    To hide the address bar slightly increase the page size with your fingers and move the page to the top. Then decrease the size to an original state. Use Dolphin browser to keep address bar always hidden.

Streaming sound from your PC to the phone

This is really a challenge to make your phone record the browser sound and not your room. There are some trickes we use, you have to find better option by experimenting with your hardware.

For Android device install the SoundWire app that will help to stream PC music to your phone. On your computer download and run their server app.. Open the app on the phone. Connect to your PC. You will hear PC sounds on the mobile device. Then we have to mute the mice. We use simple earphones wit a built-in microphone with a button that activates it when pressed. Your goal is to fix it in pressed position and cover the mic hole in order to stop it receiving any sounds.

This video shows how we use SoundWire and mute the mic on Android:

One more video showing how to refresh widgets:

How to use our stream key generator and Xsplit with widgets

How to resize widgets in a browser

Smoll FAQ:

Will I get 3k viewers as that guy?
it depends on your persistence and luck. Not every user get in recommendations. You have to try and try and try. Stop playing videos games, do not waste time. Invest it in learning how to make your streams successful. Research, googling and experiments - that all you need. 

Is VPN effective?
Use very accurate. Log in to your TT account with it, do non switch countries too fast. Use one country as long as possible, even with 0 viewers.

How to get to rec?
Just try and try. Add some videos, change stream description. Chat with viewers, react to gifts in chat. Act naturaly.

Can I use meme Radio on the phone?
Yes, but you need to have a gaming stream access on TT. It allows you to cast your phone screen with a browser where the widget is opened. Viewers will see your battery and other shit at the top.

Radio widget does not play at the start
You must tap it while reloading on mobile. In OBS it will start perfectly. Always refresh widget after stream has being restarted.

There is no video even when I reload and tap it
Probably your video is gone or empty. Try another video ID our use your own.

How to make a sleep streams?
Use our Tiktok sound sleep widget and loud speakers. You can run it in a browser and show it on display or just print gifts and place them on wall. Widget will play sounds on background.

How to change the scene into portrait mode?