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Common guide for Tiktok stream widgets

Common guide for Tiktok stream widgets

This is a common guide for all Tiktok widgets we have: Stream boss, Meme radio, Guess the word. They are in beta version and some lags may appear, but they can be fixed by reloading the widget. Using widgets require a premium access. 

Important: better way to play widgets is OBS + PC stream access on Tiktok. How to get it search on Google. Without PC streaming access it will be much difficult for you to hype and get money. Streaming from phone is possible, but very complicated. Some channels have a screen share stream access - TT gives it at 2-3k subs. 

With only camera stream feature you are doomed. Casting the widget on PC display and streaming it with phone camera is possible, but damn...

It will not work on Iphones or with Loola. Our guys tried and got small effect.

Change the background - often is better! That will help to avoid neural net ban. Make it unique.

Meme Radio widget

It will play your videos for stream gifts. 

How to use it:
  1. Upload your videos here or pick any video we already have.
    1. Use mp4 files up to 40mb.
  2. Arrange them on widget`s page. Copy video ID and paste in corresponding field.
  3. Adjust gifts, pick them from this list.
  4. Press apply button and get the link for a stream.
How to stream:
  1. If you have a PC stream access, copy the code and use it in OBS. The size must be 1080x1920.
    1. Better login into your TT account with VPN (for accessing different locations) and get the stream key. Then use it in OBS.
  2. To stream from your phone you must have screen stream access (gaming streams). Copy the link for mibile stream and open it in any mobile browser. There is a Dolphin browser where you can hide an address bar but it does not support mp4 files. Try yourself.
    1. Plug in your phones, it will make a sound better.
How to work with  Radio widget

Any viewer can donate a gift to play a particular video. Gift strikes will double and triple the amount of seconds of playing video. Any single gift worth more than 100 coins will always add 10 seconds. You decide how many seconds should play a video for cheap gifts. When the video is playing, it can`t be interrupted. Only with expensive gifts like crown.
The widget must be started or reloaded after the stream has established.

When you reload the widget, tap on the screen in order to let Chrome know that you are a human. Thу video must play at the start:

To hide the address bar slightly increase the page size with your fingers and move the page to the top. Then decrease the size to an original state. Use Dolphin browser to keep address bar always hidden.

Stream boss

Bosses are damaged by likes, chat messages and gifts. Donators can heal the boss by sending gifts that you decide. If boss stopped receiving damage - something is wrong, contact us in that case we will investigate. When the boss dies, he will respawn with more health. You can upload your own images and use them as bosses. Video guide comes later.

Like goal

This is a classic like goal, like on Youtube. But it is dynamic. The goal will extend after each win. It can be used on game streams in OBS, crop it to have something like this:


Where to find Site ID?
On the top and it is also stated in the dashboard.

How to stream on OBS?
You need to have a special PC stream access on TT. They give it very slowly by request wneh you have 20k+ subs. Some bois just buy accounts for that.
How to add a widget in OBS?

How to refresh widgets in OBS?

Will I get 3k viewers as that guy?
it depends on your persistence and luck. Not every user get in recommendations. You have to try and try and try. Stop playing videos games, do not waste time. Invest it in learning how to make your streams successful. Research, googling and experiments - that all you need. 

Can I try for free?
No more, we are flooded with chat messages. 1 week of trials now costs 8EUR. If you will succeed, then contact us for a next offer.

Which VPN to use? 
Browsec in browser. Use any on PC, we prefer Inferno VPN

Is VPN effective?
Use very accurate. Log in to your TT account with it, do non switch countries too fast. Use one country as long as possible, even with 0 viewers.

How to get to rec?
Just try and try. Add some videos, change stream description. Chat with viewers, react to gifts in chat. Act naturaly.

Can I use meme Radio on the phone?
Yes, but you need to have a gaming stream access on TT. It allows you to cast your phone screen with a browser where the widget is opened. Viewers will see your battery and other shit at the top.

Radio widget does not play at the start
You must tap it while reloading on mobile. In OBS it will start perfectly. Always refresh widget after stream has being restarted.

What about live bans?
Live bans are rare and some of them are caused by TT algorithms and easy to avoid. Do not use naked girls, sexy or harm content on videos. Appeal every ban. Sometimes Radiowidget misses gifts and viewers will scream "scam". It is frustrating, but the reason is a net lag.

Am I able to stream it from the phone?
There are 3 types of stream access on TT - simple stream with phone camera, mobile gaming stream and PC streaming.

This is the gaming stream access:

If you have it - you are able to stream your mobile browser. Open widget on it, start the stream and refresh the widget. It should work.
PC streams are hard to get. TT has being giving away them on special events like Gaming universe. or gain 20k and ask TT team for a PC streams.

There is no video even when I reload and tap it
Probably your video is gone or empty. Try another video ID our use your own.