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The raid widget

The raid widget

This widget works this way: at the first start, it will show the last donator (as hero, or skeleton). And penultimate donator shows up as a worm in the cage. Hero has health points (HP). They are just his last donation amount. When a new donation comes, a bomber pops out on the scene and damages the hero. When HP reach zero, hero dies. Scene will reload and our last hero will go to the cage. The attacker, who killed the last hero, will become the main character. It will last for ages again and again.

While raid is ongoing, system will count how far the hero comes in meters. There is a list showing top runners.

The hero can heal himself - with a new donation by his name. Anyone can heal the hero.

You can use this widget on an usual stream with a background removed. Or leave it for a night and go to sleep. Let the audience fight for top places!