Stream lobby

Stream lobby is a widget presenting your viewers, donators or other audience as 7 animated characters. it supports many kinds of source.

Donate boss

This is another kind of a stream boss. It shows LAST donation at the loading and then, if bigger donation comes, it will die. Try it with manual test donations in your Streamlabs panel.

Carousel wheel

This is a wheel carousel where you upload images and then show them on stream as a fancy slider. You can make some image rare or common.
Upload images in your dashboard and get a link for OBS there.

Spin wheel

Spin wheel allows you to make giveaways, games and other interactive games with the audience. Create sectors, adjust settings and place in OBS.

Stream showcase

Create stream screens like "Starting soon", "Stream on pause" or with any text. Choose from more than 800 backgrounds, apply stunning video overlays and excite your audience. 

Donation alerts

These animated donation alerts should be used as an additional decoration for your donations.

Panel generator

In the panel generator you can create panels, frames, decorations for your stream. Embedding in OBS with animated effects is for premium users.

Spin wheel

Spin wheel is a very popular thing on many streams. To make it work, add sectors in your dashboard , then copy its link and place in OBS. It will start automatically after scene reveal in OBS every time.

Text slider

Free widget. If you need to show reach info on your stream as a plain text, use this widget. It will show all your strings in a slider. Create text strings in your dashboard.  After that you will see them in the widget.

Stream titles

Stream titles are pre rendered animations you can use on your streams. They can be shown by timer you set. You can also change the color and the size of these animations. 


Stream squad shows 3 random stream viewers or 3 last Streamlabs donators as walking characters. There are fantasy heroes, ships, sheeps and tanks. You can choose a set and use it in OBS. Characters show up randomly with different skins.