Stream Lobby: Fullscreen Viewer Showcase

Stream Lobby: Fullscreen Viewer Showcase

Presenting Stream Lobby Widget

Elevate your streaming experience with the dynamic Stream Lobby widget - your personal viewer showcase tailored for pre-stream, pauses, and the grand finale. Designed for fullscreen mode, this widget leaves a blank canvas for your chat or additional information. Plus, there's space for your custom text at the bottom.

Diverse Scenes and Characters

Choose from a plethora of captivating scenes, including a festive Christmas setting, the mysterious Hater Dungeon, or the divine Pantheon. With around 40 customizable characters to pick from, your stream can take on any theme you desire.

Total Customization with Streamdps Premium

For unlimited usage: Streamdps Premium unlocks limitless customization possibilities. Tailor the entire stream widget to match your branding, vibe, or personal style. From character animations to scene transitions, craft your unique streaming atmosphere.

Seamless Platform Integration

Connecting Stream Lobby to your streaming platforms is a breeze. In your intuitive dashboard, effortlessly link your Twitch, YouTube, or Streamlabs accounts to unlock the full potential of Stream Lobby's features.

Streamlabs Integration:

  • Display the last 7 donators
  • Showcase the top 7 donators of the day
  • Activate donation alerts complete with sound effects

Twitch Integration:

  • Highlight 7 random viewers from your chat
  • Feature the top bit donators of all time
  • Recognize your latest subscribers

YouTube Integration:

  • Shine a spotlight on 7 random viewers from your chat
  • Recognize the top 7 chatters, fostering engagement

Special "Characters Only" Mode:

  • Hide channel names on characters
  • Create space for additional widgets
Note: Stream Lobby is currently not available for Trovo users.

Comprehensive Guides and FAQs

Mastering Stream Lobby is a breeze with our detailed resources. Dive into our comprehensive guides and FAQs, offering step-by-step instructions on how to set up and optimize your Stream Lobby widget. Get ready to take your streaming experience to the next level!

Join the Stream Lobby revolution today and engage your audience like never before!