Super boss -  a boss with different kinds of damage

Super boss is a widget where viewer damaging a character with Twitch subs, followers and bits. It is very easy to use. Just authorize your Twitch, open the widget, press apply button. You can change some skins.

Engage Your Audience Like Never Before

Super Boss Widget takes viewer interaction to the next level by allowing your audience to damage a character using Twitch subs, followers, and bits. It's an incredibly user-friendly tool that revolutionizes your streaming experience.

Simplicity at Its Finest

With Super Boss, simplicity reigns supreme. The setup is a breeze: authorize your Twitch account, open the widget, and hit the "Apply" button. It's that easy! Plus, you have the flexibility to customize character skins to match your stream's aesthetic.

Unleash Your Creative Power

Express your unique style with a variety of character skins that you can easily switch between. Transform your stream into a dynamic, engaging experience that keeps your viewers entertained and invested.

Elevate your stream today with Super Boss Widget and let your audience become a part of the action!

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The Show - animations for your alerts

This widget triggers animations for your Streamlabs donations or Twitch bits. Try it, it is free.

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Streamlabs donations and Twitch bits power devices

This is a smart socket setup guide. It includes where to buy it, how to connect it, and other instructions. The principle of the socket is as follows: you purchase and set it up. You connect it to our website's widget. You launch the widget, connect the socket to the network, and attach any device to it. You can test it by sending a test donation from Streamlabs dashboard. It also works for Twitch bits.

In our video review, you can see the first-generation socket. It is blue. Its drawback is that there is a limit on the number of commands: 1 command per second. Therefore, if you need no more than 1 device that responds to donations, it will be sufficient for you.

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How do all widgets work? The basics

How to work with Streamdps widgets? Check these two short videos.

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Tiktok gifts spawn mobs in Minecraft

Here is the Minecraft plugin that lets your viewers spawn mobs in your game.

You have to buy a premium access to use this widget.

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Stream squad

Stream squad is a widget that shows three characters representing your last donators or random viewers. There are many types to choose.

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