Stream goals for Twitch and YouTube

Stream goals for Twitch and YouTube

Unlock the full potential of your Twitch and YouTube streams with Streamdps's innovative Goals Page. Designed for the forward-thinking streamer, our platform offers an array of customizable stream goals and widgets that revolutionize viewer interactions. From stream bosses that battle your audience to chests with giveaways that reward engagement, each element is crafted to enhance the community experience. Our tools are not only easy to integrate but also meticulously designed to boost viewer retention and interaction, making every stream an event in itself. With Streamdps, personalization is at the forefront, enabling streamers to tailor their goals and viewer milestones with unparalleled creativity. Whether you're aspiring to increase your subscriber count, engage in charity drives, or simply aim for more likes, our widgets serve as the perfect bridge between your ambitions and achievements. Embrace a new era of interactive streaming with Streamdps – where your goals are met with excitement, engagement, and excellence. Start crafting your success story today, and turn your streaming aspirations into tangible milestones with the ultimate toolkit for stream visibility and growth.

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Stream goals for Twitch, YouTube and Trovo

Set goals and achieve milestones together with your fans. Stream goals are interactive widgets to encourage your viewers to donate money to something special or a good cause. Want to raise money for new hardware or support a charity? Whatever you're up to, Stream goals are made for it! By the way, our widgets work with Twitch, YouTube and Trovo. We are working on making goals compatible with other streaming platforms too.

To unlock all the features of Twitch and YouTube goals, you need a premium subscription. You can subscribe directly during the registration process and you will automatically get access to all premium areas like goals, widgets, overlays and even more stuff on

Fully customizable chests, bosses, tip jars and other goals

To make it really exciting, we have made all Stream Goals completely customizable. Choose your template and customize the design and text. You can choose between stunning animations and special effects. These play depending on the interaction, such as new followers, subscribers or sub points. At the same time you have full integration with Twitch, YouTube or Trovo. So that the Stream goals widgets react immediately to any event during your broadcast.

Chests for your stream

Chests for your stream

Open a chest after reaching a goal. Whatever you're up to, set a goal for new followers, reach new subscribers or collect donations. The chest will open and play the set animations and special effects. Also, it is possible to raffle an item when the goal is reached. Try out now the Chests for your stream and grow with us!

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Reveal any image during the live stream

Try out our special Stream goals with image reveal. Set up any image you like that will show up after reaching a goal. This widget is fully customizable with your own images and sounds from our sounds catalog. At the bottom you will always find a loading bar that shows the actual status of the achieved milestone.

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Our most popular: Stream bosses

Stream bosses

The Stream bosses are extremely popular with both streamers and viewers. They are animated characters that make a preset movement with every interaction. After reaching the goal, a main action is played through. You can change this in the settings of your stream boss. There are different characters to choose from: how about a Santa, soldier, zombie or alien?

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Goals with loading bar and animations

The classic stream goals without characters, chests and icons. A horizontal loading bar, which you can customize in design. There are several templates to choose from where you can change colors, texts and the layout. You can also use different animations and special effects like fire, lightning and smoke. This animation will play after the goal is reached.

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Tip jars with vertical loading bar

Similar to the Goals with loading bars, the tip jars work. The difference is that they are vertical loading bars. This makes it easier to integrate the tip jars into your stream, since they take up comparably less space. They also look fancy and can be customized in the design. A couple of animations and special effects make them into a special event, when the milestone is reached.

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More tools, games and widgets for your stream

There is more to discover! Stream squad, animated lists or the free curtains widget. You can find these and more widgets and tools for Twitch, YouTube, Trovo and other platforms here on Use all of them with your premium subscription: