Free animated stream overlays

Free animated stream overlays

Transform your streaming experience with free animated stream overlays from StreamDPS! Elevate your Twitch or YouTube channel with our wide selection of captivating designs. Compatible with OBS and Streamlabs, these overlays are customizable to match your unique style. Enhance viewer engagement and create a professional look effortlessly. Join our community, discover the power of professional quality overlays, and take your stream to new heights with StreamDPS! 🚀🎥

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A selection of free animated stream overlays

Discover our selection of free stream overlays for Twitch, YouTube and Trovo. All overlay-templates in this catalog come with stunning animations and have an easy integration in your broadcasting software like OBS. Use all content without downloading them and integrate it as a “browser source” layer in OBS or Streamlabs.

How to work with free overlays

Streamdps is actually the simplest way you can use overlays in your stream. No design knowledge is necessary to integrate the templates into your stream. What's more, the free overlays don't need to be downloaded!

1. Select your template

Click on the template you like from our template catalog. You can choose between webcam frames, intermission screens, stream panels, stream elements and many other free templates.

2. Customize the layout (premium feature)

Stream overlays from this catalog cannot be customized. All free stream overlays come with a design with predefined settings. They look beautiful, but they are not unique. Don't worry, we have a wide selection of premium stream overlays that can be completely changed in design. For this feature you need a premium subscription.

A premium subscription gives you access to more than 5000 overlays, widgets and tools for your stream. You will find all premium content for Twitch, Trovo, YouTube and other platforms here at

3. Integrate with OBS or Streamlabs

On the page with your selected template you will find a gray field next to the layout preview. Copy the code from this gray field and use it as “Browser source” in OBS or Streamlabs. For this you have to add a new layer in your broadcasting program and choose “Browser source” as an option. Paste the code into the URL field and set the size of the element. You will see the sizes on the page with your template. Apply the changes and continue.

You can also use multiple Twitch overlays in your stream. Just use multiple layers, either as “browser source” or as downloaded files.

Files known as "browser source", these layers consume fewer resources (CPU and graphics card) while providing animations with special effects such as fire, plasma and animations. All of them are based on our cloud technology and work completely decentralized. This free animated stream overlays uses the same technology like our premium resources and cost nothing at all!