Decoration images (Stickers, Twitch sub badges)

Decoration images (Stickers, Twitch sub badges)

Elevate your Twitch channel with unique Twitch sub badges and animated elements from Streamdps! Create personalized badges using a variety of premade templates and customization options, all without the need for design software. With a premium subscription, access a range of stunning animated badges to make your stream truly stand out. Showcase your appreciation to loyal subscribers with exclusive sub badges that evolve based on their subscription duration. Integrate these badges seamlessly into your Twitch account and enhance viewer recognition in chat. Additionally, explore a selection of animated overlays for OBS and Streamlabs, allowing you to customize your stream with dynamic visuals. Make your channel captivating and engaging with Streamdps' diverse range of customizable elements. Elevate your streaming experience and engage your audience like never before!

Create your own Twitch sub badges for free!

With Streamdps you are able to create your own sub badges for Twitch directly in your browser window. Use a selection of premade templates and customize them: select a font, write your own text and choose from different animations, colors and backgrounds. Use the generated images without animations for free or upgrade to premium and use all benefits of animated objects. Creating your own stream stickers, badges and emoticons was never so easy!

With a premium access you can use all templates with stunning animations. Without premium subscription you have a free choice of static templates without animations. You can download the created images for free and use them as sub badges or stream overlays.

How to add the sub badges to Twitch

You can download the ready designed sub badges and use them directly in Twitch. Almost all templates are fully customizable so you can be sure to have a unique design. Follow the next two steps to add the sub badges to your account:

1. Create your templates

Choose a suitable template pack from our template catalog. You have a choice of themed designs such as gaming, animals, pirates or cute objects. Also there are saisonal templates like Christmas, Halloween or Birthday. Click on the template you like and customize it directly in your browser. With a right click on the image you can save it on your computer.

2. Set up the “Creator Dashboard”

Go to the “Creator Dashboard” in Twitch. You can find it behind your profile picture in the right corner. Select “Settings” > “Affiliate” and navigate to “Subscriber badges”. Here you can have a look at all your sub badges. Select the badge you want to change and upload your image. If you want to modify the badge, you can always change or delete the image.

What are sub badges and how to use them?

Thank your fans with exclusive awards and share your success with them. The longer they are with you, the more extensive the award will be. We are talking about so-called Twitch sub badges, which are awarded depending on the subscription period. With the first subscription, your fans will have a “one-month badge”. The badge will change depending on how long they are subscribed. There are options for 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 months and up to many years.

Sub badges can be changed in design and easily integrated in Twitch. You can upload your own images in your desired style. With Streamdps you have the option to create them by yourself, without software skills or any knowledge in graphic design – directly in your browser. Show your loyal fans how you love them with a special badge! Other channel subscribers will also recognize them by this brand mark, because it is displayed next to the name in the chat.

Animated badges, stickers and other elements for OBS and Streamlabs

In addition to Twitch sub badges, you'll also find a selection of graphic elements for your stream. These are animated objects that you can use as stream overlays in OBS and Streamlabs. Of course, they are completely customizable. Thanks to our cloud-system, there is no need to download the .webm video files. The overlays can be integrated directly into the broadcasting software as a “browser source”. This has the advantage that the performance of your PC is not completely used and that you can change the overlays at any time. Try it out now!

The difference from static images, the overlays are dynamic and have stunning animations to choose from. Like other animated content on Streamdps, they are only available with a premium subscription.