Donation widgets, creative overlays and plugins for OBS and Streamlabs

We create free engaging widgets and plugins for OBS. As streamers - enthusiasts, we explore new ways to engage and entertain our viewers on Twitch and Youtube. Our team is very small, but we have many ideas waiting to be executed. Here you can find ready to use widgets and use them on your stream. If you do it, please give some feedback or your thoughts in our Reddit page. We also invite you to discuss our widget ideas post on Reddit. The main idea about donation widgets is that you can create cool content with your donators on any platform, using the power of web technologies.

How to use these widgets:

  • Sign in and get Streamlabs event socket in profile
  • Adjust any widget and copy paste it into OBS as a browser source
  • Let your viewers place stickers, change green screen background, control your in game hot keys and more...